8m FTTH customers in Europe by 2012?

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With a new president (Joeri Van Bogaert) and refocused targets, the FTTH Council Europe forecasts 8m fiber-connected households in Europe by 2012 (from 820k at the end of 2006). Of this 8m, about 6m would be coming from buildouts by utility firms, city developments (Amsterdam and Vienna), and 2m from carriers. For some analysts, this forecast seems conservative. Look at France where, FT is starting building its fiber-based broadband network and targets 1m homes connected by the end of 2008, Free/ Illiad targeting 4m households connected to its fiber plant by 2012, and Neuf Cegetel is joining the race with the target of 1m homes connected by the end of 2009. This not necessarily the number of customers, but can give an idea of a potential demand. BT and Telecom Italia have also trials and small deployments. A more optimistic forecast gives a target of 16m connections by the end of 2011. But in fact, who cares the numbers? The only real question is: what will be the offer? Which price for the end-user for which services? An end-user price at about €30, pairing with other broadband technologies, is interesting, but a price at € 80 is not. We will see!!

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