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Pakistan is one of the hottest mobile markets in the world. It has reached 58.4m (+50%) mobile subscribers in April 07.

Brazil got a mobile subscriber base of 106.1 m in May, highlighting a continuous net additions slide from higher levels in 2004 and 2005.

Telkomsel (Indonesia) targets 60m mobile subscribers by 2010, of which 18m 3G.

China Mobile added 5.5m users in May.

China Unicom added 7.7m mobile customers in May

China Telecom adds 200,000 fixed-line users in May.

China had 495m mobile users and 372m fixed line subscribers, as of May 2007.

Celtel (Kenya) currently serves 2.3m mobile users, a market share of 27%.

Oi of Brazil (ex Telemar) had 318,000 clients to its Oi Conta Total services (fixed + mobile+ internet) in May, after one year of operation.

Orange has double its FMC customers in three months to 257k in France.

Africa passed the 200m mobile subscriber milestone in 1Q07, with a penetration rate of 21%.

Ireland had 602k broadband subscribers at the end of 1Q07.

TPSA (Poland) had 10m fixed line users, down 4.5%, in 2006.

S. Africa had 3.9m internet users in May, or a penetration rate of less than 9%.

MEA (Middle East – Africa) is poised passing the 150m mobile user milestone in 2Q07.

Telecom Personal (Argentina) has 9.3m mobile subscribers.

Movistar Argentina has reached 12m mobile subscribers at end-May.

Germany has over 39m internet users, of which 60% are broadband. .

Maroc Telecom currently has 11.4m customers.

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