Market Researches - 15/06/07

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • xpected to be 4.5m at the end of the year. France accounts for almost 1m.

  • CIBC predicts that Samsung could overtake Motorola in mobile phone market share in 2Q07.

  • Europe adds biometric and picture info on EU passports and visas.

  • According to In-Stat, a recent US survey found that 50% of respondents were planning to replace their cell phones with dual-mode cellular- WiFi handsets. More than 100 different models are passing certification.

  • According to ABI Research, mobile operators are making key decisions about FMC services. Consumer FMC will took one of two major paths: UMA-based cellular/WiFi or femtocell. UMA subscribers will dominate the market until mid-2010 (both will have about 35m users), when femtocell overtakes it and grows to 150m in 2012.

  • 3GSM World Congress is to be rebranded as Mobile World Congress.

  • Pyramid Research predicts a slowdown in mobile equipment capex.

  • Insight Research found that the market for residential video telephony services is expected to break the $1bn barrier this year.

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