Fixed operator strategies - 30/05/07

Publié le par Jean Arnal

Despite protest, DT said it will move forward with a plan to set up three new service units (inside its T-Services initiative) as it moves to pare costs.

Chile: a rural WiMAX project will be launched in the southern island of Chiloe.

Hong Kong will deploy free wireless internet services in about 350 government premises in the next two years.

Telecom Italia will deploy the whole broadband infrastructure network for 5,092 new SNAI gaming points across Italy.

Neuf Cegetel bought Ozone, a French WiFi network, already partner in its Twin FMC offer. It will also buy TradingCom, a wholesale reseller of communications minutes to operators.

Telekom Malaysia is launching VSAT in the Maliau basin Conservation Area.

BT has extended its global 21 CN platform to Nigeria.

Convergence: NTT East is starting selling fiber-optic service at DoCoMo cellular stores

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