Subscriber figures - 23/05/07

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Portugal: about 2.1m broadband subscribers by the end of March 2007, of which 946k are ADSL, 558k are cable and 573k are 3G cellular. Portugal has about 12.4m mobile subscribers (+7%)

US: the mobile market is dominated by ATT with 25% market share, followed by Verizon (25%) and Sprint Nextel (24%), then T-Mobile USA wirh 11% and Alltel with 5%. There are about 240m mobile users in the US.

Italy: TIM had 33.6m clients in Italy, of which 4.7m are for 3G/UMTS services, as of March 31.

Brazil mobile phone ownership reached almost 103m in April.

Spain: 13.2 m internet users (+9%) in Spain in March 2007.

China Telecom had 224.1m local access lines in service at end-April.

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