BT 1Q07 results

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BT said its 1Q07 revenues were €7.8bn, up 3%, and FY07 revenues were €29.8bn. Net income rose to €705m , up 10%, in the quarter, and to €2.1bn, up 84%, in its fiscal year. Its traditional telecom business declined by 3% but broadband revenues were up 28%. BT has offset the decline of voice call revenues in the past few years by launching broadband and information-technology services. Its “New wave” revenues account now for 40% of 1Q07 total revenues. It added 440k new broadband customers in the quarter, and regained its top broadband supplier position from Virgin Media in the UK. Its Global Services division reported revenues rising 4% to €3.6bn, and contributing to 47% of BT' s earnings and 46% of its total revenues. BT expects revenues to increase by 2% to 5% in the current fiscal year, and announced a €3.7bn share buyback program.

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