Operator results - 20/05/07

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Claro (Brazil) reported 1Q07 revenues of $1.1bn (+21%) and an EBITDA of $295m (+147%).

True (Thailand) posts 1Q07 net profit of $14m 5 (down 58%) and EBITDA rose 28% qoq.

Telefonica announced 1Q07 net income up almost 8% to €1.26bn, on revenues up 15% to €13.7bn.

TIM Hellas (Greece) reports 1Q07 revenues of €243m, up 13%, and net profit of €6.3m, vs loss of almost €8.9m last year.

BT said its 1Q07 revenues were €7.8bn, up 16%, and FY07 revenues were €29.8bn. Its “New wave” revenues account now for 40% of 1Q07 total revenues. BT expects revenues to increase by 2% to 5% in the current fiscal year, and announced a €3.7bn share buyback program.

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