Market Researches - 12/05/07

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to Motorola, the smartphone would compete with PCs. More and more micro-applications are available for intelligent, hyper-connected mobile devices, mimicking PC evolution in the 80s.

  • According to Pew Internet & American Life, 49% of American citizens do not use (or light usage) new ICT technologies. 31% are making heavy use of internet and using social networking; they are over-equipped. 20% are moderate users, half on mobile, half on traditional devices.

  • S. Korea is boosting IPTV technology developed by its home companies (KT, LG and Samsung) at the ITU Focus group on IPTV. A team of 30 S. Korean experts is working in the group.

  • According to Arcep (France), there were 2.6m subscribers to IPTV in France and 6.6m VOIP customers.

  • IBM has developed a new optical CMOS chip (130 nanometers) that can handle 160Gbit/s in full duplex. Expected availability in 2010.

  • According to Canalys, more than 10m smartphones were shipped in 1Q07 in APAC.

  • Infonetics Research found that 2006 worldwide revenues from mobile video services were $200m, and would triple to $600m in 2007. In parallel, the number of customers would soar to over 46m by 2010, with 57% in APAC, 31% in EMEA, 10% in NA and 3% in CALA..

  • ABI Research forecasts more than 22m USB cellular modem shipments in 2012.

  • Analysys assessed that Nokia had an almost 32% mobile phone market share in China, ahead of Motorola with a 21% market share.

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