Global operator strategies - 12/05/07

Publié le par Jean Arnal

Joost, the web TV service, mixing peer-to-peer and video on demand, has raised $45m from five investors including Viacom, CBS. It can now display some 150 free TV programs, including Paramount, MTV, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, Turner Broadcasting, TV5. The business case is based on advertising, and more than 32 companies have joined the project, including Coca-Cola, Nokia and L'Oreal. Joost Europe currently has 600k users.

OTE (Greece) has received a €390m funding, approved by the EU Commission, for restructuring including slashing its workforce by a third.

AIG and Newbridge Capital are planning to sell their 39% stake in Hanaro Telecom (S. Korea). (Malaysia) is looking at external growth and acquisition to get a broadband platform.

Swisscom has received the green light from The EU Commission for taking over Fastweb (Italy).

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