Subscriber figures - 12/05/07

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T-Mobile USA gained 980,000 new customers in 1Q07, 75% were contract customers. It had more than 26m customers at the end of March.

T-Com lost 588k customers in fixed line customers, but added 572k broadband lines in 1Q07.

According to Arcep, France currently has 52m mobile users (+0.7% qoq) with a penetration rate of 82%. MVNOs total 1.7m users or a 3.4%+ market share. ARPU was down 6% to €36.4.

Japan: DoCoMo added almost 66k new customers in April, on a base of 26.4m 3G users and 16.5 PDC users; KDDI added 363,700 new users; Softbank added 163,600 net mobile users.

Brazil had over 6m broadband internet users at the end of March.

Senegal had 3.4m mobile users at the end of March, up 74%, with a penetration rate of almost 28%.

NTT had 6.1m users to its FTTH services and 3.2m users to its VOIP services at the end of March.

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