Mobile vendor strategies - 09/05/07

Publié le par Jean Arnal

Lenovo will use Qualcomm' s 3G W-CDMA licence and technology for its products.

Nokia is planning to ramp up the capacity of its Chennai factory in India.

Sony Ericsson announced a new generation (5th) of P-series smartphone, the P1, based on Symbian OS. Many models include a complete pocket office solution, various connectivity (3G, WIFi, VOIP), a camera, media player, etc. Launch in 3Q07. It also launched a S500 slim slider in the US and released two new T-series handsets: the T650 and T250.

Ericsson has delivered its millionth GSM base station since 1991. In a separate statement, Ericsson announced a deal with SUN to develop an open source Java technology-based multimedia application server

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