Fixed operator strategies - 09/05/07

Publié le par Jean Arnal

Telmex has received approval to laubch its triple-play services in Mexico from 1Q08.

Vodafone and Orange are likely bidding for, the Spanish DT unit. is the fourth Spanish ISP with about 400k customers.

According to NZ Telecom, $1.5bn investment are needed to bring broadband services to 95% of New Zealanders. But the company could only invest $500m.

ATT downsized again its U-Verse targets to 18m homes passed (instead of 19m) by the end of 2008, while the cost deploying the network would increase 20%-25% to $6.0 to $6.5bn. Up to now, it hardly passed 3m households.

BT wants to bid for WiMAX spectrum in the UK and in Europe.

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