Operator results - 09/05/07

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KPN reports 1Q07 net profit of €313m, down 18%, on sales of €2.9bn, down almost 3%.

PLDT (Philippines) announced flat earnings at $181m (but core earnings were up 11%), on revenues of $714m, up 10%. EBITDA increased 3% to $431m.

Piltel (Philippines) reports 1Q07 net profit of $42m, down 11.6% (but up 33% if foreign exchange revaluation and deferred tax assets are ignored), on revenues of $77m, up 24%.

Telekom Malaysia said its 1Q07 net income grew 9% to €125m, on revenues of €885m, up 10%.

Zimbabwe's Econet has posted 2006 revenues of $75m, up 128%, and pre-tax profit of $31m, up 790%. Econet has spent $195m in network expansion in 2006.

Softbank (Japan) reports FY2006 net income of $240m, down 50%, on revenues up 100% to $21bn (including Vodafone KK).

Telecom Italia announced 1Q07 net income of €775m, up 4%, on revenues of €7.5bn, up 1%. EBITDA fell 4% to €3.2bn.

Chunghwa Telecom reported April net profit of $462m, up 27%, on sales of $1.8bn, up 2%.

Hanaro Telecom (S. Korea) said its 1Q07 net loss reached $10.3m in the quarter, compared with a loss of about $6.6m, on sales of $487m, up 4%.

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