Market Researches - 03/05/07

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to Strategy Analytics, regulatory delays, in Europe, on mobile TV spectrum availability, would create a much more fragmented mid-term for mobile-TV adoption. A full DVB-H rollout may take two or three years. In the long term, however, streaming video features will serve as the next major enabler beyond messaging to drive broader mass market demand for smart 3G devices.

  • According to the European Commission, 22% of EU households use only mobile phones, while 72% of EU households have at least one fixed line (down 5%). 81% of EU households have at least one mobile phone. 28% of households are now connected to the Internet via high-speed "broadband" links (+6%).

  • According to Arcep, the French regulator, there were over 38m subscribers to a fixed service in France (+4.9%) at the end of 2006, in spite of a 4.7% decline in traditionnal voice service; 12.7m broadband users generating €862m in revenues (+37%); 15.3m internet users generating over €1bn in revenues; 6.6m VOIP users (+100%). 2.2m lines are unbundled. There were 51.7m mobile users as of Dec 31 (+7.5%) generating €4.3bn, or an ARPU of €28.2 (down 2%), of which 86% in voice revenues.

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