Vendor results - 28/04/07

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Avaya said its FY2Q07 revenues were rising almost 5% to $1.3bn, its operating income jumped 53% to $81m and net profit of $57m, up 50%.

Fujitsu announced FY2006 results. Net sales reached $43bn, up 6.4%, consolidated operating income is almost staedy at $1.5bn. Fujitsu anticipates a 6% increase in sales in FY2007, a 4% growth in operating income, but a 27% drop in net earnings for FY2007.

ZTE reports a 27% increase in 1Q07 net profit to $5.5m, on revenues of $780m, up 31%. 60% of total revenus were generated overseas. With soaring operating costs (+34%), the operating income dropped by 97% to almost zero.

Harmonic said its 1Q07 sales were $70m (+25%), of which 40% were international; reported a net income of $1m (vs loss of $5m).

Microsoft posted 1Q07 revenues of $14.4bn, up 32%, while net profit rose 65% to $5bn.

BenQ said its 1Q07 net loss was $53m, down from $150m loss a year earlier.

Qualcomm reports a 22% growth in 1Q07 net profit to $726m, while revenues rose 21% to $2.2bn.

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