People - 28/04/07

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FT has announced the departure of Orange boss Sanjiv Ahuja.

Siemens CEO, Klaus Kleinfeld, resigns, and will leave in September when his contract ends.

ATT CEO, Edward E. Whitacre, will retire as chairman of the board and chief executive officer effective June 3.

Joeri Van Bogaert has been elected the new President of the board of the FTTH Council Europe. The Board od directors consists of: Jean-Pierre Lartigue, Alcatel-Lucent; Wolfgang Fischer, Cisco;Tadhg Leonard, Corning; Christian Emborg, DKT; Tibor van Melsem Kocsis, Emtelle; Mats Hansson, Ericsson; Jean-Pierre Coudreuse, Mitsubishi Electric.

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