FMC: two approaches, diverse results

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FMC is announced as a big market; but execution remains essential. Take the BT example. BT has just 40k subscribers to its BT Fusion FMC offer after 18 months of operation. It is rather disappointing. The system is a dualmode GSM/ Bluetooth service, based on UMA technology, and the service is available for at least €28 per month. Another example could be FT in France. FT has registered 125k users to its Unik FMC system since it launched it five months ago. It is also a dual mode GSM/ WiFi UMA-based system. The service is available for €10 per month for unlimited calls via a home gateway (Livebox) to French fixed line numbers. Two different strategies for two different results. What we can say as an explanation of the difference is that FT has its own mobile customers (Orange with 20m+ users) and BT has to rely on its MVNO network with few customers. GSM is also a part of the dual mode! Secondly, FT has a large installed base of Livebox home gateway (about 3.5m) that are part of the Unik system, while BT has hardly 1m of Home Hub gateway.

What will be interesting to look at is the launch of the Unik service in the UK. Orange will be in the current BT position, with very few Livebox installed there (300k about), but with a strong mobile user base and Unik packages including DSL and mobile.

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