Top 5 NA operators

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NA is certainly the only region in the world where GSM is not the dominant technology. With about 252m mobile users at the end of 2006, NA is the least mobile-equiped region, overtaken by MEA (Middle East +Africa), CALA, CEI, EU and APAC. The home-grown technology is CDMA that accounts for 48% of the market. It added 13m new subscribers (+12%) in 2006, but GSM is growing twice faster at 24% (+19m new subscribers in 2006) to a total of 98m (or 39% market share). IDEN is slightly decreasing and TDMA only accounts for 2% market share now. The market is dominated by three major operators: AT&T (mainly GSM), Verizon and Sprint Nextel (both CDMA) with respectively 61m , 59m and 53m mobile users. T-Mobile (GSM) is a distant fourth with about 25m, followed by Alltel with just below 12m subscribers. After there were Rogers (7m); Bell Mobile (6m), US Cellular with 5.5m and Telus with 5m. So almost 75% of the market is dominated by three mammoths.

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