The Top 10 APAC MNOs

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First the list by customer base: 1- China Mobile with 300m mobile subscribers; 2- China Unicom with 142m users; 3-DoCoMo with 52m; 4-Telkomsel with 36m; 5-Bharti with 32m; 6-Reliance with 30m; 7-KDDI with 25.5m; 8-BSNL with 23.6m; 9-Hutchison with 23m; 10-Pakistan Mobile with 22.5m;

In the list, five were not listed last year, proving the dynamics of the APAC market, but only covering five countries: China, Japan, India, Indonesia and Pakistan. China, Japan and Indonesia were listed last year; the new comers are India and Pakistan. The big “surprise” is the strong push of the Indian sub-continent, witnessing the strong increase in Indian figures for the past twelve months, pushing STK, Smart or Softbank out of the ranking.

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