China Mobile selects ZTE and Datang

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The vendor selection for TD-SCDMA networks by China Mobile unsurprisingly favors local vendors. ZTE is the bid winner with about 46% of the contracts, or $1.5bn. ZTE will deploy networks in Beijing, Qinhuangdao and Tianjin in the east, Shenyang in the northeast, and Shenzhen and Xiamen in the south, and provide core equipment in cities of Beijing, Xiamen, Qinhuangdao and Guangzhou. Only a small amount of the contract will go to ZTE ' s partner Ericsson. Datang has won 37%of the contracts, providing base stations in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Datang is partnering with ALU' s Alcatel Shanghai Bell. TD Tech (a JV between Siemens and Huawei) was alloted 14% of the contracts , and Potevio (ex China Putian) the remaining 3%. Indirectly, Datang ' s partner ALU is another winner of the tender. In 2004, Datang forged a strategic partnership with Alcatel to further the technology. Today, ALU share grew 1% on the news.

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