“Network Ready” ranking

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The World Economics Forum has published its 2006-2007 GITR (Global Information Technology Report) with ranking countries according to their network readiness capacity. The first comment is the strong position of North European countries (5 in top10 and 3 in top 5), as well as the good ranking of European countries (13 in top 23) globally. Denmark is 1st ; Sweden 2nd, Finland 4th, Switzerland 5th, Netherlands 6th,, Iceland 8th, UK 9th, Norway 10th, Germany 16th, Austria 17th, Estonia 20th, Ireland 21th and France 23th. The Americas are represented by USA 7th and Canada 11th. Asia is represented by Singapore 3rd, HK 12th, Taiwan 13th, Japan 14th, Australia 15th, S. Korea 19th, and New Zealand 21st. Israel is inserted in 18th position. The second comment is the relative poor positioning of the USA, but also of Germany and worse France. The third comment concerns the good positioning of Estonia (Eastern Europe country) that has rapidly learned what ITC opportunities could mean for a small country. A lesson for other countries!

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