Market researches - 05/04/07

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to GFK, 22% of French households are equipped with DTT (digital terrestrial TV).

  • Screen Digest estimates that Europe would have 5.6m IPTV households by the end of this year (2.9m last year). Infonetics found that worldwide IPTV equipment revenue tops $1bn in 2006, and that worldwide IPTV subscribers jumped to 7.2m in 2006.

  • The Japanese government has launched the Asian Broadband Program to develop internet broadband access in Asia. Current projects include telemedecine, tele-teaching, multi language translation, RFID tagging technology R&D, e-commerce, IPv6, etc. Targeted countries are China, S. Korea, Singapore and Thailand.

  • According to Analysys, 50% of all voice traffic in Western Europe would originate on mobile phones as soon as next year.

  • According to FTTH Council and TIA, nearly 8m US households are already passed by fiber, up 100%, of which 1.3m are subscribers. Verizon has the lion' share of the market.

  • In its latest PON and FTTH Equipment report, Infonetics said the worldwide passive optical network (PON) equipment sales grew 71% in 2006, reaching almost $1bn, and forecast to reach $2.4bn in 2010. FTTH PON equipment revenues account for 60% and FTTB equipment for 40%.

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