Fixed operator strategies - 05/04/07

Publié le par Jean Arnal

Sonaecom (Portugal) has introduced an IPTV service to 1.6m households in the country for €30 or €40 a month.

PanTel (Hungary) will launch (in 3Q07) voice over WiFi services.

Mexico' s telecom regulator Cofetel would auction 3.4- 3.7 GHz spectrum for wireless broadband services this year.

C&W Bermuda will invest $22m in a new NG fiber optic network over the next two years.

Verizon Comm is re-offering DSL services at 768Kbit/s for $15 a month.

BT failed to attract more than 40,000 subscribers to its fixed/mobile convergence (FMC) service BT Fusion, launched in 2005.

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