Operator results - 28/03/07

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China Telecom posted 2006 profit fell almost 3% to $3.5bn, on revenues of $22.6bn, up 3%. Local phone revenues decreased 3.5%, but internet service revenues grew 32%. EBITDA improved 4% to $11bn.

Chunghwa Telecom reports 2006 revenues of $5.7bn, up 1%, of which $2.2bn in mobile (flat); a net income of $1.3bn, up 26%. 4Q 06 results were: net income of $342m (+524%) on revenues of $1.5bn, up 3%. EBITDA grew 12% to $3bn and EBITDA margin was over 50%. Capex totaled $850m in 2006, or 15% of total revenues.

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