CeBIT 2007 (few bits)

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I did not cover the fair, but what I read on the big international exhibition is relatively thin. Few reports and few news, yet. Among the hottest topics were IPTV, mobile TV, digital radio, BPL and WiFi/WLAN. Several BPL products were introduced by Cisco/ Linksys and LEA, complying with the HomePlug AV standard. LEA is also introducing combined BPL/WiFi products, a way making both technologies co-operative and not competitive. IPTV is at the heart of telcos' strategies, so it is not surprising that the topic was hot and specially in Germany where big IPTV projects are under consideration, not just exclusively led by DT. Arcor, HanseNet, 1&1, and many others are also part of the trend, supported by several researches (Mercer, Goldmedia, ..) giving 20m ADSL subscribers in Germany by 2010 and a future eldorado for internet ads. The scheme is about the same for mobile TV. BITkom forecasts 20m mobile TV terminals in use in Germany by 2010. Mobile TV should be available with a national coverage by the end of 2007. So everybody is very excited on these topics, but again, will the consumer follow?

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