Global vendor strategies - 17/03/07

Publié le par Jean Arnal

Nokia Siemens Networks will begin operations on April 1st.

It is rumored that Google would introduce a Gphone. But it is likely that it is more a marketing operation than a Google phone device.

Motorola has invested in Amimon, a designer of HD video wireless transmission in Israel.

Microsoft announced it acquired voice-services company Tellme Networks.

IBM and Cisco will increase co-operation. In a strategic move, they will merge their technical customer support services for common customers in 46 countries.

Ericsson has acquired Mobeon AB, which produces an IP-based voicemail system called Messaging over IP (MoIP).

Cisco consolidates its web conferencing offer in buying WebEx fro $3bn, and will buy the network file virtualization startup, NeoPath Networks.

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