Subscriber figures - 10/03/07

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Japan: DoCoMo added 102k new users in February to a total of 52.3m, but KDDI added 224k new users to a total of 27.7m and Softbank increased its subscriber base by 120k to 15.8m. The total number of mobile users in the country rose to 95.8m.

Spain had 46.3m mobile subscribers at the end of 2006.

S. Korea ended February with almost 41m mobile users.

According to GSMA, there were currently 2.26bn mobile GSM/WCDMA subscribers, on a total of 2.7bn mobile users.

Bharti Airtel (India) added 1.7m new mobile users in February to a total of 35.5m.

LATAM ended 2006 with 208m GSM users, up 64%, and 62m CDMA users, up 10%.

Telecom Argentina ended 2006 with 4.1m fixed lines, 8.4m mobile subscribers in Argentina, 1.16m mobile users in Paraguay, and 457k ADSL subscribers.

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