Market researches - 22/02/07

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to Jupiter Research, 62% of European music media firms are ready to vote against DRM or for a single DRM standard. Facing difficulties to get a common position, more and more music houses and distributors are selling music free of DRMs. And sales are going up. Apple also claims for DRM-free music sales.

  • Brighpoint (mobile handset distributor) and Dangaard Telecom will merge and create a $4.5bn company.

  • According to Dell'Oro, the optical transport market grew 10% in 4Q06, to reach the highest level in five years.

  • Dell'Oro reports that the worldwide router market has attained record levels in 2006, thanks to network capacity demand and video traffic. Alcatel-Lucent revenues grew 219% and ranks third behind Cisco and Juniper.

  • For Dell'Oro, GSM is still driving mobile infra markets. The GSM- based mobile infrastructure market grew 17% in 4Q06, and Ericsson and Nokia control 70% of the market.

  • According to Airwide Solutions, SMS would generate $67bn by 2012.

  • China mobile phone users send 14bn SMS during New Chinese Year Day.

  • According to Infonetics Research, the worldwide enterprise router market revenues grew 6% to $1.1bn in 4Q06.

  • IDC estimates that the worldwide service delivery platform (SDP) market revenues would reach $2.2bn in 2011.

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