Operator results - 18/02/07

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Rogers Comms. (Canada) reported positive results. 4Q06 net income stood at $151m, vs loss of $58m last year, on revenues of $2bn, up 14%.4Q06 operating profit rose 46% to $647m and FY operating profit grew 34% to $2.5bn. For the year 2006, it reported revenues of $7.6bn, up 20%, and net loss of $39m. Revenues were made 51% wireless, 35% cable and 14% media.

Tele2 (Sweden) reports 4Q06 revenues of € 1.4bn and FY 2006 revenues of €5.4bn, up 13%. 4Q06 operating profit was €159m, down 74%.

Telus (Canada) announced good results. 4Q06 earnings tripled to $203m on revenues rising 8% to $1.9bn. For the year, Telus reported earnings of $963m, up 60%, and revenues of $7.5bn, up 7%.

CANTV (Venezuela) reported 2006 earnings of $527m, up 427%, on revenues of $3.2bn, up 33%. EBITDA rose 137% to $820m, with a margin of 26%. Venezuela will buy back the 29% Verizon Wireless held in the company for $572m.

Tiscali (Italy) announced full year revenues of €679m, up 28%, and an EBITDA of €100m, up 44%.

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