Mobile vendor strategies - 15/02/07

Publié le par Jean Arnal

Nokia, Siemens and NEC have signed a MoU for joint co-operation on WCDMA radio networks. The deal is a continuation of the Siemens Networks/NEC joint venture firm Mobisphere on WCDMA.

Nokia has unveiled an important enhancement to its 3G radio access multi-operator solution to enable the sharing of a radio access network (RAN) between as many as four operators. It has completed with SFR (France) the first WCDMA 900 voice call on the 900 MHz band.

Ericsson and Telstra have succeeded demonstrating the world' s first 200km-wide cell, while achievinh downlink speed of 14Mbit/s.

Ericsson has demonstrated its Long-Term Evolution (LTE) system with speeds of around 144 Mbit/s and supporting MIMO antenna technology.

RIM and Samsung have reached settlement concerning the BlackJack smartphone name. Rim has unveiled its Blackberry 8800 with built-in GPS and multimedia features.

ZTE and Samsung will jointly work on WCDMA femtocell products.

Sonus has partnered with 3Way Networks and ip.access on femtocells and end-to-end low powered GSM network.

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