Market researches - 07/02/07

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to China Mobile, sales of mobile phones in China in 2006 increased 40% to 120m units. This year the figure would reach 150m units.

  • According to ECTA, the growth in broadband connections in Europe has slowed between May and October 2006 from 23% to 7%.

  • Ericsson has revised downwards its 2007 market guidance. Growth in mobile infra would be in the 4%- 6% range, down 2 points.

  • According to Merrill Lynch, global cellular phone unit growth would grow from 10% to 13% to 1.1bn units in 2007.

  • Strategy Analytics forecasts that the market for cellular PC cards and embedded 3G modems for notebook PCs would grow 60% in 2007 to 9m units and to 15m by 2009.

  • Long-haul DWDM sales grew by over 30% in 2006 to $1.8bn, according to Heavy Reading. The bandwidth glut seems over and vast majority of network operators need capacity now.

  • According to In-Stat, ARPU in India is one of the lowest in the world, and is expected to decline further to $5.6 by 2010.

  • According to In-Stat, IP set top box market would grow to 19m units in 2010, from 4.3m in 2006.

  • Inforama forecasts that VOD would generate $11.5bn in revenues in 2011, against $4bn to day. 435M households should benefit from VOD by 2011.

  • Gartner estimates that there were 17.7m PDAs shipped in 2006, with strong growth for the Microsoft Windows platform (+39%) and the Blackberry device from RIM, while Palm devices slide by 29%.

  • According to Canalsys, there were 3.6m IPTV viewers worldwide (66% in Europe), IPTV revenues of about $1.3bn. Top 3 operators were PCCW (HK) with a 18% market share, FT (France)with almost 17% and Free (France) with 14%.

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