Market researches 1 - 03/02/07

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to MDA, just below 16m unique Brit users (+15%) were accessing Internet for browsing and downloading with their mobile phones in 12/06.

  • Technology, however, looks too complex for 53% of Brits, according to PayPal. 77% of Brits are not confident with DVDs; 2/3 of Brits use only four features on their mobile phones (calls, text messages, alarm clock and camera ); generational differences are highlighted in the report with 93% of 16-24 regularly using a computer vs 42% of over 55, with 70% of 16-24 using a MP3 player vs 36% of 25-34 and 11% of over 45.

  • According to In-Stat, handheld GPS devices (PNDs and GPS-enabled smartphones) market will take off, driven by automotive navigation applications. The Chinese PND market could take off in 2008 as ASP declines to under $250, while the Chinese GPS-enabled smartphone market will not take off until ASP becomes lower than $400.

  • According to Ellacoya Networks, the HTTP traffic uses 39% of network bandwidth and for the first time overtook P2P traffic that now only accounts for 37%. The rise in HTTP traffic is attributable to the popularity of video sharing.

  • Mobile marketing is booming. AdMob CEO said “In our first six months, we only served about 30 million ads, and over the next six months we served 1 billion more.”

  • Strategy Analytics reports that the total number of IPTV households would grow over the next five years to more than 80m in 2011 (from 6m in 2006).

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