Long awaited iPhone!

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We were awaiting Apple and it was Linksys/Cisco with an iPhone-labeled handset. We thought iPhone was an Apple trademark and Cisco has filed a lawsuit against Apple for trademark infringement. If not a marketing strategy for making noise for the launch, do you think it is optimal condition for launching a new product? I cannot suspect Apple management to be crazy!!

iPhone is is a 3-in-1 product, including a mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls and an internet device. It is the first mobile phone from Apple and marks Apple' s entry in the market. It supports GSM, EDGE, WiFi and Bluetooth, (but not yet 3G), push messaging, Google Maps, and Internet browsing. It has a touchscreen and a 2M pixel camera built-in, and either 4Go or 8Go storage for downloading and listening music (iPod-inspired). Apple will launch iPhone only through Cingular Wireless, already partner for iPod, in the USA from June 07, in 4Q07 in Europe and in 2008 in Asia. Relatively shyly, Apple does only target selling 10m units in 2008, with a price ranging from $500 to $600. iPhone has good features and a famous brand, but lacks affordable price and supporting 3G to compete with rivals such as RIM, Nokia, Motorola and many others. Many analysts are thinking iPhone' initial market will be extremely limited.

Alea jacta est!

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