Global vendor strategies - 09/01/07

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Hitachi has introduced a 1To (1000 Go) hard disk at less than $400 retail price.

Cisco will move 20% of its 50,000 workforce to Bengalore (India) by 2010. The chief globalization officer at Cisco, Wim Elfrink, is the first to leave the Silicon Valley.

Microsoft and Broadcom are working together to offer more cost-efficient HD DVD players, based on Windows CE 6.0 and Broadcom's BCM7440 system-on-chip solution.

Microsoft has introduced a new generation of connected devices to create community and share passions, including Vista-based PCs, new Vista features, an IPTV-enabled Xbox 360.

Netgear has introduced a new DECT Cordless Phone with Skype, a new Home Storage Central Turbo to share digital content, a Digital Entertainer HD with HDMI for Streaming HD Movies, YouTube Videos, iTunes Music and Internet. It will work with Bit Torrent to deliver HD movies and TV shows to HDTVs.

Airgain launches smart antennas for MIMO devices, the Airgain MaxBeam65N and MaxBeam80Ner.

EU clears the purchase of Symbol by Motorola.

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