Mobile vendor strategies - 28/12/06

Publié le par Jean Arnal

Samsung has launched the new SGH-Z720 handset, an HSDPA slider phone.

Linksys announced its iPhone family of Voice over IP solutions. So Linksys/ Cisco owns the iPhone trademark and not Apple as expected for a while.

NEC has started delivery of a new W-CDMA Node B series with high-scalability, Remote Radio Head (RRH) architecture. The product has been developed jointly by NEC and Siemens.

Nokia has retained the 2006 top slot in the Indian GSM market with a 79% share, followed by Motorola with 7% (up 130%) and Samsung with 4% (down 33%).

LG led the 2006 CDMA top slot in the Indian market with 49% share (up 6 points), followed by Samsung with 8% (down 55%) and Motorola with 4% (down 8 points).

Datang Mobile and BenQ have signed a deal for producing 3G TD-SCDMA handsets.

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