Cisco' s IPTV Ecosystem

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Cisco is clearly trying to push a compelling IPTV distribution solution to telcos, but has not in house all the needed components. It has already acquired some pieces, such as video encoding and set-top box technology from Scientific -Atlanta, networked digital video recording (nDVR) technology from KiSS, VOD software from Arroyo, conditional,access and DRM from Widevine, but yet some pieces are missing. One of the most important is middleware, the glue that makes all pieces working together. Up to now, Cisco has worked with Myrio, but Myrio has been bought by Siemens. Cisco is also partnering with Integra5 for client-side middleware, NDS for conditional access and content protection, BroadHop for provisioning and subscriber management and with SES Americom for satellite transport. So the target is currently to solidify vendor partnerships for its end-to-end IPTV distribution system. A closer agreement with Myrio/ Siemens could raise, however, some concerns: the partner is not a start-up and Siemens could both be helpful (in the carrier market) and a threat according to its size. In addition, the Myrio IPTV middleware latest release is believed to be several months late, and has problem of suddenly disconnecting the set-top-box, while its current version is well regarded and seen as a battle-hardened alternative to Microsoft' s IPTV solution. Cisco is not a company to let a critical piece of its IPTV delivery system in the hands of a rival. What will do Cisco?

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