Global vendor strategies - 29/11/06

Publié le par Jean Arnal

Siemens and the German Workers Union will jointly secure funding of job placement companies for ex-Siemens employees affected by BenQ Mobile bankruptcy.

IBM reinforces its telecom business with the purchase of Vallent, an OSS company. With the acquisition, IBM will one of the OSS industry's biggest players.

Redback has signed a joint development agreement with the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI - S. Korea's state-owned research arm).

Ericsson is believed to be interested in Entrisphere, its GPON partner, for $290m. It would give Ericsson a stronger position to compete for AT&T IPTV business.

Apple should prepare launching two iPhone models by March 07. 12m units should be manufactured in 2007, of which 9m GSM and 3m 3G.

3Com has succeeded in buying H3C, the JV between Huawei and 3Com. Huawei has accepted 3Com' s $882m offer.

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