Fixed operator strategies - 29/11/06

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Synterra (Russia) will expand by 50% its WiMAX network in Moscow by the end of the year.

BT will lunch its BT Vision IPTV service on Dec. 4. It has also started to migrate its first real customers from its PSTN to its 21CN next-generation network, a process that would last until 2011 when all its customers are using its 21CN network.

Orange/ FT has launched a new suite of SIP multimedia services based on Nortel technology in France. The new service 'Business Together' will first be available for corporate French customers in Nov. 2007.

Erenis, the FTTH network in Paris, France, is upgrading speed to 100Mbit/s downstream and 50 Mbit/s upstream.

Tele2 is launching quadruple play in Sweden for $19 a month.

Telefonica de Argentina has launched a Wi-Fi service in Ushuaia.

ATT has begun delivering HD TV services as part of its U-verse IPTV offering. U-verse video and data bundles start at $74 per month vs cable competition starting at $90 a month.

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