Mobile phones 3Q06

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Mobile phone sales have increased 21.5% in 3Q06 to 251m units, according to Gartner. Nokia has maintained its pole position with over 35% market share, up 2.5 points. Motorola increased also its position to 20.6%, up two points. Samsung is third with 12.2%, down 0.3 points. Follows Sony Ericsson with 7.7% (+1 point), LG with 6% (down 0.5 point), BenQ with 2.4% (down 2.3 points).

Growth has been drawn by APAC (+55%) with almost 81m units, EEMEA with 48m units (+19%), LATAM with almost 30m units (+14%), NA with 41m units (+12%), WE with over 41m units (+ 2%) and Japan with 11m units (-5%).

Company Units sold (m) in 3Q06
Market share
Nokia 88m 35%
Motorola 51.9m 20.6%
Samsung 30.6m 12.2%
Sony Ericsson 19.4m 7.7%
LG 15m 6%

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