Mobile Viruses Alert

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According to Kapersky Lab, the anti-virus software house, there were now only few mobile viruses in the market.They have names Comwar3.0, Mobler.a, Acallno or Wesber. Some are using file infesting technologies (Comwar, Mobler for both Symbian and Windows systems) or spying on a specific handset and sending copies of all SMS messages to a specially configured number (Acallno Trojan). But the future could be less rosy. Today, antivirus companies are not really aggressive, but cyber criminals are not also on the attack. They mainly use the window of opportunity left by antivirus companies between the discovery of the moble malware and the diffusion of the antidote. It is unclear who will break this frailty equilibrium, but Kapersky Lab believes that something will have to change in the near future. Can antivirus firms' concerted efforts suffocate virus scattering, or will a virus of a new type be launched, raising new challenges for the antivirus industry? The Kapersky Lab message is clear: the worse is yet to come.

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