Mobile operator strategies - 25/11/06

Publié le par Jean Arnal

Libercell (Liberia) has launched its GPRS/EDGE network, as well as MMS service.

Pelephone (Israel) is a new operator offering GSM/ HSDPA services while today in the CDMA world. The launch is scheduled for 2008.

Vodacom (S. Africa) plans to acquire a stake in Wireless Business Solutions (WBS) in South Africa. WBS is holding one of the four WiMAX licences in the country, and offers broadband Internet services through fixed wireless networks.

3 mobile will launch its HSDPA network in Brisbane, Australia.

BASE (Belgium) has launched its EDGE network in Belgium.

Argentina has the lowest average selling price for mobile handsets (ASP) in LATAM with a price of $44.6 vs a regional ASP of $57 and a Brazilian ASP of $73.3, the highest in the region.

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