DT changes its CEO

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For weeks, Kai Uwe-Ricke was contested inside and outside DT, even if its position was recently confirmed again. Surprinsingly, DT announced it will leave the company effective Nov. 13, following bad results announcement. It seems that many issues have contributed to his disgrace, such as profit warning announcement in 2Q06, profit down 20% in 3Q06, lost of market position in Germany in fixed and mobile, announcement of huge workforce reduction irritating employees and unions, shareholder ire with a stock price below IPO price, and many others. Kai Uwe-Ricke is out. The boss of DT's mobile unit, René Obermann, has been named new CEO. Obermann takes over the position with a good entrepreneurial reputation and a strong international influence, marked by his successs in the successful internationalization of T-Mobile. His task, however, will not be easy, conducting the migration towards a NGN environment, redefining business processes and focusing on applications and service provisioning. Good luck Mr Obermann!

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