Subscriber figures - 15/11/06

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Orascom Telecom reported that it had 46.5m mobile subscribers (+83%) in 7 countries at the end of Sept, of which 21m in Africa ((Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Zimbabwe), and 20m in Pakistan. Its proportional subscriber base expanded by 100% to 36.9m.

Vodacom (South Africa) had 25.6m mobile subscribers, up 35%, at the end of Sept., of which 20m in S. Africa.

Telecom Personal (Argentina) reports 7.7m subscribers at the end of Sept.

Globul (Bulgaria) had 2.9m mobile subscribers at the end of Sept.

MegaFon (Russia) had 28m users as of September, while Russia reached 148m mobile subscribers in October.

MTS (Russia) reports a mobile subscriber base of 68.5m as of Oct. 31.

Japan has some 94m mobile subscribers at Oct.-end, of which 34.8m are WCDMA, 34.5m are PDC and 24.9m are CDMA. In addition, there were 5m PHS users. WCDMA has become Japan's leading technology.

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