Cisco 3Q06 results

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Cisco reports its FY 1Q07 results, with sales of $8.2bn (+25%), and net income of $ 1.6bn (+27.5%). Cash flows from operations were $2.3bn, up 64%. CEO John Chambers was proud to announce: "Eight of our top 10 products [ranked by revenues] had order growth rates in excess of 20 percent." Scientific Atlanta contributed for $584m (+21%) in total revenues. On a geographical basis, NA orders grew in the upper tens, Europe orders grew double digits, while emerging market orders increased over 40%. NA account for 54% of revenues, Europe for 21%, emerging markets for 11%, APAC for 10% and ROW for 4%. Routing revenues were up 13%, switching revenues 15%, and Advanced Technologies revenues grew 64%. Gross margin was in the 64-65% range. In addition, Cisco increased its performance in Days sales Outstanding (less 4 days) to 34;

Cisco anticipates FY 2Q07 revenues to grow 24-25% yoy. Cisco stock was up almost 10% to $27.4 in after-hours trading .

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