Fixed vendor strategies - 11/11/06

Publié le par Jean Arnal

Alcatel and Archos will jointly develop the worldwide-first DVB-H-S enabled handset to be available in 4Q07. Samsung is already working on the subject with Alcatel. DVB-H-S combines hybrid satellite- terrestrial broadcasting in the S band (2.2GHz).

Cisco could be gradually going out of the optical networking business. Many people in the optical unit are moving out and offered other jobs within Cisco. In addition, the optical division has been sunk into the broadband business unit, and optical revenues are split among the routing, switching, and other categories in its financial reporting.

Motorola could be shopping for IPTV middleware company. Minerva, Espial, Orca could be potential targets, but not the only ones. Motorola is currently partnering with Microsoft where appropriate.

Nexans (France) signed an agreement to buy Australian cable maker leader Olex for €310m.

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