France telecom market

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According to the local telecom regulator Arcep, the French telecom operators have generated €1.1bn in revenues from customers. Fixed and mobile telephony, combined with Internet accounted for 80% of the revenues or €7.9bn (+2.3%). VOIP has 4.8m subscribers and accounts for 17% of fixed traffic, vs 7% a year ago. POTS subscriber number has declined by 1m in the past 12 months. Fixed revenues continue to fall 5.8% over 12 months. There were 11.1m broadband subscibers in June, of which 9.5m (+41%) are DSL. Unbundling continue to grow with 3.4m , of which 1.2m are totally unbundled. Internet revenues grew 22% to €917m in 2Q06. Mobile revenues only grew by less than 5% to €4.1bn, with ARPU down more than 2% to €28.3. 49m mobile subscribers (+8%) with growth driven by MVNOs. Multimedia mobile services were used by 13m subscribers in June, up 25%.

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