Japan: the mobile market is changing

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It was feared by competitors such as DoCoMo and KDDI when Softbank bought Vodafone KK in Japan and got mobile licenses. Softbank is a specialist in aggressive pricing and market shaking (remember the broadband DSL market in Japan). In the mobile market, Softbank has launched basic monthly fees (up to 70%), instant messaging and free calls. As a results, new subscribers rushed to register and Softbank' s computer system cannot handle the load. Softbank for the second time has to stop accepting new customers. But Softbank continues and promises to resume taking switch-over customers, benefiting from the arrival in Japan of number portability and from prices that will be maintained about $1.7 cheaper than those of its rivals within 24 hours. The strategy here is obviously to catch up with larger rivals DoCoMo and KDDI, buy customers first then retain them. In short duplicate its winning strategy it used in fixed broadband market. If Softbank is still a dwarf in the Japanese mobile market, it has the fastest growth and starts eating in rivals' cake.

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