Verizon Communications 3Q06 results

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Verizon Communications posted 3Q06 revenues of $23.2bn, up 26%, and 9-mo revenues of $68bn, up 25%. The operating income was respectively $3.9bn (+12%) and $ 11.1bn (+3%). Net income was $1.9bn in the quarter (+ 3%) and $ 5bn (-10%). Revenues were made of $9.9bn (+18%) in mobile business, $12.8bn (+36%) in wireline business. The wireline business reported an operating income of $1.1bn (-14%) for the quarter and $ 3.4bn (-9%) for nine months. Capex is slightly increasing: $4bn in the quarter (+4%) and $12.3bn (+8.5%). In the wireline business, Verizon reported a total of 46m total access lines (-7.5%), of which 62% are residential and 37% are business. Verizon Telecom has 6.6m brodband connections (+45%) including DSL and FiOS Internet customers (522k; +42%).

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