Operator results - 29/10/06

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America Movil (Mexico and pan-Latam operator) reports 3Q06 revenues of 76 ou

SK Telecom (Sth Korea) posts 3Q06 net profit is down 22% to $1.77bn, on sales of $10.5bn, up 4%. Operating profit rose 13% to $2.9bn. For 9-mo period, SKT reported revenues of $30.6bn with operating income of $7.9bn and net income of $4.5bn.

Millicom Int announced 3Q06 revenues of $403m, up 54%, and net profits increased substantially to $52m. EBITDA grew 58% to $179m. Growth has been driven by the increase in subscriber number (up 62%).

Comcast reported record growth in 3Q06. Growth in new subscribers in digital cable ,cable modem, and IP phone services. In total almost 1.5 new RGUs (revenue generating units) that translated into revenues up 22% to $6.4bn and earnings at $1.2bn, up 600% but including a $669m in one-time gain.Operating cash flow grew 25% to $2.4bn

China Unicom posted 3Q06 net profit of $ 125m, up 14%, on revenues of $2.5bn, up 4%. 9-mo revenues amounted to $7.6bn, up 5.5%, and net earnings of $330m, up 17%. GSM ARPU stood at $6.3 and CDMA ARPU was at $8.5. GSM accounts for 62% of total revenues and CDMA for 30%.

Telenor (Norway) announced a 72% increase in 3Q06 net profits to €450m, while revenues jumped 35% to €2.8bn. Telenor shares grew 5%+ on the Oslo stock exchange.

Free (France) reports €240m in revenues, up 32%.

NTT DoCoMo (Japan) announced a 7.4% drop in FY1H operating profit to $4.4bn, due to higher costs related to 3G service expansion, and despite higher revenues (+0.4% to $20bn), specially in data services. Voice and data revenues from FOMA 3G services grew by 67% and 73% respectively, to a total of $10.9bn. Net profit was down 20% to $2.6bn.

Bharti Airtel (India) posted a 3Q06 net income of $203m (+79%), on reveneus of $947m (+61%).

Chunghwa Telecom (Taiwan) reported 9-mo pre-sales of $4.3bn (flat), pre-tax profit of $1.3bn and net profit of $1bn. Revenue breakdown gives 34% in fixed line services (-6.4%), 40% in mobile sevices (+0.5%) and 24% in Internet and data services (+10%).

Vivo (Brazil) posted 3Q06 revenues of $1.3bn (flat), an EBITDA of $334m (down 10%) and a net loss of $ 92m, 64% worse than in 3Q05.

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