Nokia 3Q06 results

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Nokia reports strong quarterly results with 3Q06 revenues rising 20% to €10bn, of which € 6bn (+14%) in mobile phones, €1.8bn (+16%) in Networks and € 2.1bn (+45%) in multimedia. Operating profit declined 4% to €1.1bn, as well as net profit to €845m (down 4%). Nokia continues to dominate the mobile phone market, increasing its share to 36% (according to the company) from 33% last year and 34% last quarter. Selling more entry-level devices in China and India, and a lower pourcentage of higher end products, impacted margins and ASP, down 9% to €93. Nokia also expect a moderate growth in the mobile infrastructure market in 2006. Nokia had 64,340 people as of Sept. 2006.

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